Green Mountain Head Regatta

On September 29th on contingent of BRASS rowers traveled to Putney VT for the Green Mountain Head. Racers included Harriet Cuyler, Chris King, Joanne Murphy, Randy Oberle, Tina McLaughlin and Don Roche. Sue Hanson and Lew Cuyler were also in attendance assisting the rowers by rigging (and un-rigging boats) carrying oars and packing equipment. Youth member Theresa Murphy, accompanied by her dad John, also made the trip to cheer for mom.

Harriet Cuyler brought home a gallon of apple cider for her Womens 1x (65-74) 3rd place with the time of 0:25:58.2. Joanne’s time in the Women’s 1x (55-64) was 0:27:05.9. Randy Oberle competed in the Men’s 1x (55-64) with the time of 0:24:14.4 and Chris King time in the Men’s 1x (45-54) was 0:24:40.2.

Tina McLaughlin competed in her first regatta in the  Mixed 2x – doubles (100 yrs total) with partner Don Roche and their time was 0:24:41.6