Berkshire Rowing

BRASS Safety Rules

Harassment Policy

Berkshire Rowing And Sculling Society (BRASS) is committed to providing a respectful sport environment by promoting the prevention and prompt resolution of harassment. All members and employees of BRASS have the right to be treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity in an environment free of harassment. To this end, BRASS has a zero tolerance policy toward harassment.
It is expected that all club members will consistently display high ethical standards and project a favorable image of our sport to participants, coaches, officials, spectators, the media, and the general public.
Read the Harassment Policy [hyperlink]

Travel Code of Conduct

All rowers under the age of 18 planning to travel with the club must read and sign, with their guardian, the BRASS Travel Code of Conduct document before being allowed to travel.
Read the Travel Code of Conduct [hyperlink]

Payment of fees

Fees must be paid in advance, immediately upon billing or rowers may be denied water access.

Safety Video

The US Rowing Safety Video promotes and demonstrates safe practices for rowers.
All rowers, regardless of experience, must watch the US Rowing Safety Video before going on the water.


Safety Rules and Regulations

The following pages outline the safety rules that apply to all members of BRASS and those who use the BRASS facilities. Strict enforcement of the BRASS safety rules is the duty and responsibility of every BRASS member. Failure to follow the BRASS Safety Rules may result in disciplinary action and/or suspension of club privileges.

Launch Times

Rowing in Hot Weather

Traffic Patterns

Adverse Weather

First Aid

Fire and Emergency

Addendum to Safety Precautions

All coaches and rowers must be knowledgeable about the safety rules and their responsibilities.


Coaches must ensure that:


Rowers must ensure that: