Teaming Up With Mike Dostal

We have some exciting news! Former BRASS coach, Mike Dostal, is returning to coach 4 rowing classes as a fundraiser for his trip to South Africa.

Mike will be representing the US in the World Championships for kayaking. This will be a self-funded trip, so one of the ways he is raising money is by coaching. BRASS has decided to give all of the proceeds from this clinic to Mike as we are happy to support his accomplishment.

The dates of these coached sessions are August 5th, 12th and 19th. The date in September is to be determined. The cost will be $100 and we encourage those who take advantage of Mike’s vast experience to offer him a generous gratuity at the end of the third Saturday.

And in case you were wondering about Mike’s qualifications, here is his biography:

Mike is a resident of Berkshire County, a former collegiate rowing coach, British National Team rowing member, British National Champion, US Elite National Championship medalist in the open single, Leander Club member, and has recorded a personal best time of 6:55 over 2000m in the single. Mike currently is the 2017 US National Champion in Kayaking and will be representing the US at the World Championships in South Africa this Fall.

Mike’s technical knowledge of rowing comes from 20 years of rowing in Great Britain under coaches of some of the most widely respected clubs including Nottingham Rowing Association and Leander Club as well as for the Lightweight National Team. 

The coaching clinics are aimed at all levels and will be a small relaxed group setting so as to focus on technical aspects of rowing, training, racing, boat set-up, and goal setting. As the groups are small and the sessions run over a number of weeks, the focus of the sessions can be tailored to the type of rowing participants are interested in.

This program is open to anyone, members and nonmembers alike, to help support Mike in his journey. If you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for these coached sessions please email