Programs and Rates

Programs and Rates

We sign up for our programs through RegattaCentral, so head there to check them out or sign up. If you have any questions or would like assistance signing up, please email


We offer individual lessons to beginner and intermediate rowers by appointment. Each lesson lasts approximately 75 minutes and costs $50.

For beginner lessons, we focus on the basic mechanics of rowing, learning how to handle equipment, and taking those first few exciting strokes on the water! Most beginner rowers require two lessons before they are ready to to rent a shell and row on their own. Your instructor will help you make this decision.

Intermediate lessons are focused on more advanced rowing technique and learning how to be autonomous on and off the water.

To make an appointment, please email We are excited to introduce you to this sport and our beautiful lake.


Rentals of recreational or racing shells, singles or doubles, are available by appointment. We have a wide variety of boats to choose from, depending on your experience level. Consider becoming a member and taking advantage of lower rental rates or to join a seasonal session!

If you are a non-member, email to set up an appointment.

If you are a member, please schedule your rental on RegattaCentral.

Single Seat:

  • Non-Member – $35
  • Member – $15

Team Boats:

  • Seat Fee – Non-Member – $25
  • Seat Fee – Member – $15


A free annual one-day introduction to the sport of sculling at Burbank Park on Onota Lake.

Participants will be introduced to sculling on shore and then they try it out in a recreational shell. This event is free and open to the public. We welcome everybody: children and adults, experienced and brand new. We hope that everybody gets the opportunity to try this fun and challenging sport.

Participants will meet just north of Onota Lake’s public beach in Burbank Park. Rain or shine. Stay tuned for our information about our next Learn To Row session in June 2017, check out What’s Happening.


Currently our juniors are in the middle of their spring season, and summer is coming up! With the new season comes a major (and exciting!) change to the program. Our team has split into a competitive and recreational team in an effort to get those who want to race some more coaching. This also allows those who do not want to race to continue rowing and exercising without pressure to race. Inexperienced rowers, those who cannot commit to 4 practices a week, and rowers who would rather not race should opt for the recreational team. Rowers who have been cleared by a coach and would like to compete should join the competitive team.

Our spring season will run from May 8th to June 23rd at the boathouse and practices will run from 4 to 6 PM with the exception of Saturdays which will be from 9 to 11 AM.

Recreational: Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $140 for the season

Competitive: Practices on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, $280 for the season

Summer season begins the week of July 10th and we would love to have you!

For more information, please email

Coached Adult Programs

At this time we have two main programs running– one in team boats and one in singles. The team boat program runs on Mondays and Fridays from 6 to 7:15 AM and is a great way to work on technique as well as stroke and maneuvering in a team boat. Anyone who has been cleared to row alone is welcome to join. Coaches Anne Faber (Mondays) and Tanya Smith (Fridays) follow you around in the coach boat providing feedback as you row. The cost of this program is $60, not including seat fees.

The singles program begins at 7:30 AM and lasts until 8:45 AM. Rowers go for a spin around the lake with their coach, Anne Faber, as they work on various aspects of their technique and their stroke. Anyone who has been cleared by a coach to row alone is welcome to join and take out any available single that they like. Rowers are responsible for reserving their own boats. The cost for this program is $60, not including seat fees.

We are always looking to expand our coached programs for adults, so stay tuned for more opportunities!