Programs and Rates

We sign up for our programs through RegattaCentral, so head there to check them out or sign up. If you have any questions or would like assistance signing up, please email


We offer individual lessons to beginner and intermediate rowers by appointment. Each lesson lasts approximately 75 minutes.

For beginner lessons, we focus on the basic mechanics of rowing, learning how to handle equipment, and taking those first few exciting strokes on the water! Most beginner rowers require two lessons before they are ready to rent a shell and row on their own. Your instructor will help you make this decision.

Intermediate lessons are focused on more advanced rowing technique and learning how to be autonomous on and off the water.

To make an appointment, please email We are excited to introduce you to this sport and to our beautiful lake.


Rentals of recreational or racing shells, singles or doubles, are available by appointment. We have a wide variety of boats to choose from, depending on your experience level. Consider becoming a member and taking advantage of lower rental rates or to join a seasonal session!

If you are a non-member, email to set up an appointment.

If you are a member, please schedule your rental on RegattaCentral.

To rent a single is $35. For a seat in a team boat, the cost is $25.


Learn To Row Flyer

A free annual one-day introduction to the sport of sculling at Burbank Park on Onota Lake. This year it was held on June 9th, 2018! If you missed the event this year, give us a call for a lesson or keep an eye out for next year’s event.

Participants will be introduced to sculling on shore and then they try it out in a recreational shell. This event is free and open to the public. We welcome everybody: children and adults, experienced and brand new. We hope that everybody gets the opportunity to try this fun and challenging sport.

Participants will meet just north of Onota Lake’s public beach in Burbank Park. Rain or shine. 


Berkshire Community Rowing (Team BRASS) is pleased to announce its summer rowing program. All children between age 10 and 18 are welcome. BCR is committed to financial accessibility. All interested families are encouraged to apply. No previous rowing experience is necessary, swimming skills are recommended.

Summer season starts July 2nd and runs until August 17th. Practices will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM. Leading the summer season will be Kate Maloney, head women’s coach at Williams College, assisted by BRASS head Coach Tanya Smith. The cost for this wonderful program is $290

Because it is summer and families go on vacation, we will also offer $30 discounts for vacation weeks. To apply for this discount, practices must be three consecutive, though not necessarily in the same calendar week (example: athlete will be absent July 16, 18 and 20; 18, 20 and 23; or 20, 23 and 25).

If you would like to shadow a practice to see if you’re interested, send us an email and we can arrange for that to happen!

For more information about dates and costs, please email


For experienced rowers, there will be an optional two one-week all-day camps. Camps sessions begin July 23 and July 30, five days per week, from 9am to 3pm. Cost for Camp is $300 for either single week, $580 for both weeks. For families who have signed up for the summer season, BCR will offer an additional $30 discount for each week of camp attended. (example: Full seven week summer season; cost $290; with one camp week $290+$300-$30 = $560 ; with two camp weeks $290+$580-$60 = $910).


Rowers go for a spin around the lake with their coach as they work on various aspects of their technique and their stroke. Anyone who has been cleared by a coach to row alone is welcome to join and take out any available single that they like. Rowers are responsible for reserving their own boats.

We are always looking to expand our coached programs for adults, so stay tuned for more opportunities!


From out of town and visiting the Berkshires? Want to check our club and lake out? We can set up a time for you to go out and get a tour of the lake in a team boat with one of our other rowers at no cost. That way you get to check us out without a commitment. Plus you’ll get to meet some of our friendly members! Or, you could simply elect to rent a single and get the run-down of the lake from our friendly staff..

Also, if you come to row with us from another club, bring a sticker or a picture of your logo for us to hang in our boathouse so we can see where our rowers are coming from. We want to represent the diverse group of rowers that end up rowing at BRASS!