Our winter program features coached ergometer sessions three times a week at Berkshire Nautilus (BN).  Participants become full members of BN and will therefore be welcome to make use of their facilities and programs at any time. 

Remember all that for next winter. As for what remains of this one, though it’s too late to join for the season, you can always drop in for a total cost of $15.

First, log onto Regatta Central (or create an account if you don’t have one). Then, reserve a One Day Erg Seat, which will cost $5. Finally, get to Berkshire Nautilus a little early and pay $10 to get in to the gym, whereupon you’re welcome to make full-day use of all their classes and equipment–that is if you can still walk after erging. (We joke. Not really. But sort of. No.)

We’re hardcore, but not that hardcore.


No prior experience is necessary! Come on down!